Coops releases ‘Free Up’ video


By Sulay


22 Nov 2018

Taken from his critically acclaimed album ‘Life In The Flesh’, Coops drops his latest video for what is one of the most conscious tracks on the project, ‘Free Up’.

Delving deep in to the issues and environment that todays generation find themselves in, Coops paints a vivid picture of the mental and physical control that society has over them. Providing an inspirational and insightful social commentary, ‘Free Up’ opens your mind to a new idealogy that allows us all the freedom to think for ourselves rather than be subjected to a predetermined mind state. Partnered with an equally captivating, yet simplistic video, released via the High Focus YouTube channel, Coops delivers an engaging performance alongside a series of scenes and clips that add further depth and diligence to the lyricism within this beautifully crafted joint.
Having created serious awareness with his latest release, Coops has excelled as “an artist that stands for something and seeks to use his soulful, yet urgent voice to bring awareness” (Bloggers Gamut). Whilst Life In The Flesh generally has a chilled and traditional Hip-Hop tone, it is the lyricism and subjects that need to have close attention paid to them. Conceptualising the cycle of life, death and reincarnation of the spirit and soul, his project captures the middle state, known as life. He incorporates an introspective glimpse into the mental and physical trials and tribulations of his own life, eloquently pieced together, track by track.
As the title would suggest, ‘Life In The Flesh’ is an unadulterated reflection of modern day life as Coops sees it. Pulling no punches, Coops and producer Talos have meticulously pieced together an epic record echoing all the ups and downs of existence in the present day. Whether it be with Coops’ poetic turn of phrase or the stories told via Talos’ dense emotive production, ‘Life In The Flesh’ is one of those special projects brings us back to a time when Hip Hop had meaning, with plenty of food for thought.

Check out the full video for ‘Free Up’ down below!