CORD Calls on Fredo Fans To Find Out If They All Think The Same!

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

1 Mar 2021

It was only a few weeks ago when the West London rapper dropped his cohesive ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness,’ scoring number two in the UK charts! – so it was a matter of time before CORD would return with another addition to their classic ‘All Fans’ series, this time making Fredo, the main focus point.

The following are some of the statements CORD’s producers threw out to its participants:

  • “Fredo Will Not Top The ‘They Ain’t 100’ Era,”
  • “Fredo Will Be Remembered As a UK Street Rap Legend,”
  • “Fredo Has Had The Biggest Growth Out of Any Rapper In The Last 5 Years,”
  • “Fredo Is A Top 3 Street Rapper In The UK,”

As expected, each debate that breaks out throughout the episode captures the passion of UK rap fans and puts into perspective the influence of whichever artist is being discussed!

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