CORD Taps The #98’s For A Comedic Episode Of ‘Do All #98’s Think The Same!?’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

15 Feb 2021

CORD aka the gift that keeps on giving! Enlisting no other than the 98’s for their renowned controversial and thought-provoking segment, the boys debate ‘Do All #98’s Think The Same!?’ whilst faced with a slew of triggering statements!

Joined alongside V9, Mazza, Unknown T, Jimmy, Billy, Hitman, AlChubbino and KO for this highly anticipated episode, the boys are given a string of statements in which they either have to agree or disagree with, from “The 9 (E9) is better than the 8 (E8)”, “I am the hard lyricist in the 98’s” to “Billy Billions is at his best when he does wave” and more.

It wouldn’t be an episode with the 98’s if it didn’t have comedic moments in, tap in above to see what they had to say!