CORD Unleash Their First Genre Special: ‘Do All Trap Wave Fans Think The Same?’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

23 Mar 2021

Renowned music discussion platform, CORD return with another ‘All Fans’; introducing a fresh twist by making this drop genre-specific and throwing out questions tailored to Trap Wave.

Here are some of the statements that were thrown out in this fired up, energetic episode:

  • The quality of music is better in UK Wave compared to UK Drill,”
  • “Lil Baby has been the most Influential rapper on the UK in the last three years,”
  • “Young Adz has the best hooks out of any UK rapper,”
  • “Young Fume is the most impactful Trap/Wave artist within the UK,”
  • “When Lil Baby retires he will go down as a Hip Hop legend,

Confessionals have also been introduced, which offer a space for the participants to give a more detailed breakdown of their opinions – away from the adrenaline-pumped set!

‘Do All Trap/Wave Fans Think The Same?’ | Watch the Video Above To Find Out!