Crop Circle 2 is here!

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

20 Apr 2020

Today Nines gifted fans with the highly anticipated sequel, Crop Circle 2.

Following on from Nines’ first short film back in 2018. The film continues to shine it’s light on the everyday occurrences of life on the block – from kidnappings, drug dealing to barber shop ordeals. 

Although the film showcases quite heavy topics, each one is sprinkled with humour thanks to cameos from comedians – Yoms and Uncle Ed. 

However, the cameos don’t just stop there. Throughout viewers are met with an illustrious array of appearances from scene heavyweights, Ghetts and Kojey Radical. In addition to social media personalities – Lippy, Zeze Mills, Faceinthenews and more. 

Watch Crop Circle 2 now