Dee Riginal Releases Powerful Visuals For “Fantasy”


By a.k.e


15 Jul 2016

South London rapper Dee Riginal releases his first music video in 2016 and it does not disappoint. In the Analogue produced track “Fantasy”, Dee covers topics about the poverty gap in certain areas of London, segregation and also institutionalisation.

The key thing that I’m enforcing here is that at the end of the day where you come from doesn’t necessarily define who you are as a person and also, not everything is what it seems and therefore keeping an open mind is very important.

Earlier this year, Dee released his latest five track EP “#MAYDAY” independently. Dee explains that MAYDAY ain’t no “conscious shit” saying that he hates the term and thinks that it’s played out. He also says that he doesn’t want listeners to put him in that particular box but simply call him “refreshing and reality”.

Everyday I find myself questioning life and why it is the way it is. It’s a black and white world yet I feel like I’m in the grey area.

Searching for balance and peace. Peace within myself and amongst people. There’s a lot of battles going on and I mean that in many senses: Rich vs. Poor, Good vs. Evil, Religion vs. Faith etc.

Even within ourselves it’s a warzone when you think about how we fight our inner urges, feelings, thoughts etc.

Listeners can now stream the EP down below!!!