Deno Talks American Features & More With Chuckie For An In-Depth Chat On JD’s ‘In The Duffle Bag’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

25 Feb 2021

London’s very own singer-songwriter and hit-maker Deno has joined Chuckie for the latest episode of JD’s ‘In The Duffle Bag’ podcast.

Now this one’s an interesting one! From hinting his collaboration with US hit-maker Roddy Ricch to why this year is set to be a big one for him – this episode is a must watch! Speaking on what’s yet to come, Deno said; “This is not mixtape stuff, I’ve got big American features (Roddy Ricch) on my mixtapes though.

“When I say I’ve been working on this mixtape Chuckie, I’m not lying, I’ve been working bro like I genuinely from the bottom of my heart feel like this mixtape that I am about to release has got some of my best work on it. 

“Obviously, I release the EP (in) 2019 (Eye 2 Eye) that was like my first little project, I just feel like I put a collection of songs together, I feel like with this mixtape I’m telling a story, 

“When you hear the name of the tape and everything and the way it goes I think you yourself are going to be yeah you came proper, it feels like an album bro.”

Watch the latest episode above.