Dizzee Rascal Details Being Stabbed Six Times To DJ Vlad


By a.k.e


30 Mar 2016

In his late teens, London rapper Dizzee Rascal was involved in a life-threatening situation while visiting a resort in Cyprus. On his first night there, Dizzee got into a scuffle, and on the second night he was stabbed six times all over his body. “It was a bulls**t situation, really,” he said of the incident that carried on from problems his crew had back home. “I never explained it but it’s almost like a Matrix situation, it’s like everything just kinds of stops,” he stated as he detailed what happened. “It’s mad, but it’s still going fast at the same time – it’s weird.”

When he got to the hospital, Dizzee Rascal learned he was nearly killed while people from the opposing crew sat around him. Not too long after he discharged himself after realizing that the facility was a bit sketchy, particularly when the police threatened him with violence. “I didn’t feel like the victim at that point. I was just a little Black bastard who wasn’t cooperating,” he told DJ Vlad.

Watch as Dizzee discusses his injuries and admits “it shouldn’t have escalated that far” up top.