Drillminister Makes A Political Stance On All-New “#BorisIsAPussio” Track

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

17 Nov 2020

Musician, activist and London Mayoral candidate Drillminister has returned with a set of fresh visuals for his brand new single titled, #BorisIsAPussio.

To say this year has been a struggle would be an understatement! Amidst the worldwide pandemic, more recently Boris Johnson and the Conservative party was bashed for voting against March Rashford’s campaign fighting for free school meals. Reacting to Boris Johnson’s actions, Drillminister has channeled his frustrations and anger into this all-new track!

Speaking on the release, Drillminister commented; ”If you think this video is violent then I would like to direct you to the corporate manslaughter enabled by the UK government that takes place around the world every single day. If you think my lyrics are obscene, think about the racist, classist rhetoric that the UK leader is allowed to spout. This is economic warfare, and we are going to start firing back. They play their game, and we play ours. Politicians Kill – Vote for Drilly.”

On running for London Mayor for 2021, Drillminister commented; “I am running for London Mayor because right now we are living in one of the most unequal and corrupt cities in the world. Half of London’s wealth is owned by an elite few, while half a million of London’s children are expected to go hungry this Christmas. In one of the richest nations in the world, hundreds of thousands of Londoners rely on food banks to survive. I am running for Mayor of London by building a campaign that comes from the bottom up. The grassroots. I am going to be working with the people most affected by the decisions made at the top. I need to understand how to build a better London by speaking to those who experience the worst of it.”

Commenting on stop and search, he commented; “As one of tens of thousands of black men who have been stopped and searched despite not having committed a crime, I know first hand how this form of government harassment robs you of your basic human rights. My campaign will be addressing the politically-driven poverty that is the root cause of violence in the city, not persecuting those most affected by it. Stop and Search is a racist and ineffective policy that targets the poor and people of colour and as London Mayor I will end it immediately.”

Watch the visuals for #BorisIsAPussio above