Drillosophy Dissects The Lyrics Of M Huncho & M1llionz In The Latest Episode Titled ‘Bally On Me’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

28 May 2020

In this weeks episode of Drillosophy titled Bally On Me, Ciaran and Reveal dissect the lyrics of M Huncho and M1llionz.

Ciaran and Reveal dissect the lyrics of M1llionz and M Huncho to explore why some UK rappers cover their faces. They explain how English philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s ‘panopticon’ design can be used to understand systems of control in modern society. They also unpack French philosopher Michel Foucault’s ideas about power and surveillance. The episode features drill artists S1, F2 Anti, and RoadWorks ambassador, Demetri Addison.

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