Dublin’s #D24 Smilez x Youngiz Share New Street Heater “Outside”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

20 Apr 2021

Dublin’s very own #D24 Smilez and Youngiz have recently joined forces for their brand new street heater named “Outside”.

Posing as the ultimate street heater, “Outside” weaves an array of dark verses filled street poetics and punching flows accompanied with an infectious hook that will instantly leave you wanting more. Accumulating over 325,000 views on YouTube alone in just over a week, “Outside” is a wheel-up worthy banger!

Speaking on the release, Smilez commented; “Since Corona, I’ve been out way more, I’ve been more active, I’ve just been hands-on with the music, I’ve been Outside. The song is a reflection of that

Watch the visuals for “Outside” above.