Eazy Teya – Clasford (@EazyTeya)

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

17 Jun 2016

We often talk about the lack of support in the “endz” but we don’t give enough credit to community champions that do true to create a better tomorrow for those from less affluent and socially deprived settings. That is why we really felt Eazy Teya’s homage of a North London community champion who has spent over 3 decades serving his community; Clasford Stirling.

Clasford who has also served time in the army has used football as a tool to instill discipline, ambition and self belief.


Having experienced his training myself, I can tell you some of the young men that came training on the estate would often try to bring their road life with them but due to the respect MBE Clasford demanded in his session all the youths had to leave any road baggage at the door.

From army style press ups to 10 toe laps up and down Broadwater Farm estate, I was personally taught that nothing good in life comes without hard work. Key difference between talker and a walker, a spectator and a winner, a wantreprenuer and entrepreneur, life is a game of thin margins.

Eazy’s clever delivery, catchy chorus and amazing visuals make it an easy listen. Deep lyrics which skate on matters such as social housing and self belief is well balanced with a cheeky swag and a confident flow. But let me not talk too much, check out the video: