‘FAMALAM’s Drilly T Has Dropped His Sketch’s Official Track “Drillogram (Who’s the Birthday Girl?)”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

19 Feb 2021

If you don’t live under a rock, you would have seen Drilly T’s BBC Three BAFTA winning comedy sketch series ‘FAMALAM’ that has gone viral a few times on social media! Today, the main character Drilly T has dropped his debut single named “Drillogram (Who’s the Birthday Girl?)”.

With the sole aim to create 2021’s official birthday song, Drilly T has created the ultimate up-beat Drill track that encompasses exactly that! Bursting with energy from the offset, “Drillogram (Who’s the Birthday Girl?)” is filled from start to finish with quote-worthy lines and comedic punchlines that will leave you wanting more!

Celebrating the release of the track, Drilly T commented; “Big Drilly T! Big Drillogram! This is about to be the biggest birthday record of all time. Do it for your nan, do it on the gram! Let’s go!”

Listen to the track above.