Fiddy unleashes drippy visuals for ‘High Life’


By Sulay


14 Jan 2019

London-based rapper Fiddy makes his 2019 debut with some drippy looking visuals to his track titled “High Life”.

Fiddy is known to have a taste for a luxurious, expensive life style and his new project definitely comes to prove it. After an incident that took place last year resulted in him “taking a loss” and losing a very expensive piece of jewellery, he’s now learnt his lesson and is back to take over the game, as it seems.On a wavey beat, “High Life” plays on the title and it is a message to all those who doubted him. The visuals undoubtedly compliment the song’s main message.

One to keep an eye out for, Fiddy is sure to be making some waves with “High Life”. Check out the full video down below.