Flo Milli eats up her competition in new single and visual!

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

24 Apr 2020

Flo Milli returns with the release of her fifth single, “Eat It Up”. 

As the titles suggests, Flo Milli takes her usual approach of eating up every track she’s on!

The rapper does this through channelling her bubbly persona to formulate bouncy, high-spirited rhymes that are doused in an unforgiving attitude. 

“Eat it up”, see’s Milli project her vocals to over power the rather subdued backdrop and essentially use her voice create her own instrumental.

While her boastful and raunchy verses bode perfectly with cocky delivery. This song is sure to awaken the inner “baddie” in anyone who listens.

As she raps: “I just bought a new whip, it’s a Toro, I said fuck all these hoes like a porno, I got cheese on me like I’m DiGiorno, hit the gas in my whip and I smash, bitch I made more money than my dad.”

Accompanied by a fun and colourful video, that allows the rapper to project her star quality and cocky persona. 

Check out Eat it up above