Florieme – Lady Sings The Blues | Music Video [@FLORIEMEMUSIC [@LASHAWNAROSE]

Lashawna Rose Stewart

By Lashawna Rose Stewart

Lashawna Rose Stewart

2 Sep 2015

Florieme performs her track ‘Lady Sings The Blues’

“Honestly? First and foremost I did this music video for ME.  I have always said that every music video I make will have a purpose. Whether it’s to highlight an issue, make people think or just make people laugh, every single one of the music videos I will release will have something to say, and it just turned out that my first had something to say both to me and for me.

I have alopecia or if we want to get specific, Alopecia Areata that in layman’s terms means my hair falls out leaving bald patches on my head. I’ve suffered from this for the past 2 years”

I think that she is beautiful and very courageous!