Fox Opens Up About His Battle With Mental Health In Short Documentary “Don’t Stay Silent”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

26 Dec 2020

The Birmingham-based emcee Fox has followed up from his recent release entitled Paranoid alongside Jim Gotti, with an all-new and vulnerable documentary that delves deeper into his battle with mental health.

Often to referred to as an ‘underrated’ artist, Fox has over the years built a reputable name for his exquisite storytelling skills and all-round vulnerability. Mental Health within the music industry is a topic of which only over the last few years we have started to see the clogs turn; which poses the brutal question is there enough being done to help support our musicians? ivermectin dosage for mini pigs for mange

No stranger to confronting his trials and tribulations head on, in this short documentary in partnership with SBTV, the Birmingham native explores his experience with mental health after leaving prison back in 2018. how much ivermectin for earmites on dogs Through touching on how music has played an integral role throughout his life, Fox talks us through the pressures that come with society before opening up about his ‘psychotic episode’ and how he deals with his mental health today.

Peep the short documentary above. ivermectin colombia