Frenzy, BlazeYL & AyChibs Call On Harlem’s Delly For The “48th Floor Remix”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

31 Dec 2020

Hailing from Hackney in East London, rising artist Frenzy has followed up from his ‘Council Estate’ EP back in August with the remix to his stand-out track “48th Floor” alongside fellow London underground artist BlazeYL. Adding an international spin, Harlem’s very own Delly has added his own sauce to the mix!

Accommodating a bouncing AyChibs production, the eerie and 808 enriched beat serves as the perfect platter for Delly to add his New York touch atop. In creating a seamless balance between their infectious melodies, eloquent delivery and all-round self-assured demeanor, BlazeYL and Frenzy boast their impressive pen throughout – this is one for your playlist!

Listen to remix above!