Gabzy delivers long awaited new music with captivating single “Pull Up”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

21 May 2021

Delivering sweet sounding melodies through his highly adored laid-back tone, Gabzy unsurprisingly once again does not miss as he unveils new single “Pull Up”.

Fusing sounds of Afrobeats with R&B, Gabzy’s relevance in the UK is huge! The effortlessness displayed in his voice proposes an inviting, enjoyable vibe every time. As a fast rising singer songwriter, Gabzy’s songs are always full of substance accompanied with an emotive, telling message.

It’s difficult to dislike Gabzy as his sound easily resonates with the ear, delivering various captivating flows and memorable hooks. His execution is near to perfect, with the use of a promising, compelling production to complement him.

Tap in to Gabzy – “Pull Up” on all platforms here!