GBNGA releases single and visuals for ‘NO TIME’ following release of EP, ‘For Everyone’

Fadumo Khamis

By Fadumo Khamis

Fadumo Khamis

1 Jan 2019

No Time is a single from GBNGA’s EP  ‘For Everyone‘. The single was inspired by not having time for nonsense and the realisation that it’s hard to make things happen when people are always wasting your time. It has a slight, grime feel to it and the video gives off Risky Roadz freestyle vibes. The beat was produced by American producer, THIZISWAVY.

No Time - GBNGA“When I first heard the beat, it reminded me so much of Wiley’s legendary Morgue Instrumental. I think the energy and video comes from my inspiration of grime and risky roadz freestyles. I wanted to depict the buildup to a performance that is relatable to most artists.”


GBNGA is a rapper from North London, Tottenham who grew up listening to various artists from UK and US rap such as Skepta and Tyler The Creator. GBNGA describes his sound as Alternative Rap with Lo-fi and grime influences. He has been rapping since he was in Year 7 at school using beats on YouTube for freestyles/clashes.


GBNGA dropped his first track on SoundCloud in his second year of Uni. The track Lord Knows, which he recorded at his friends Uni Accommodation gained 4,900 plays. After Lord Knows, GBNGA recorded a few more tracks including Loubs & Uggs (10,000 plays) and 079 (8,518 plays). All of the tracks sound different but fall within a chill vibe. After the success of those three tracks, he started to notice that he could push the music a bit further and moved onto Apple and Spotify.


No Time - GBNGAGBNGA’s first EP was called Songs For Friends, released in 2017. It was a random 6 track EP with a collection of songs for his friends to vibe and sing to.

After Songs For Friends, GBNGA thought about making an EP that pinpoints where some of the lives of young adults are in the process of ‘adulting’ and graduating from University. He called his second EP, “For Everyone” – because his sound was reaching more people and he was exploring the universal themes of love, dreams and life.

For Everyone is a 6 track EP with a special outro/snippet which includes a sample of my friends voices.