Izzy Barksdale delivers cold new track “Delusions Of Grandeur.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

30 Jul 2020

Izzy Barksdale has arrived with a clean cut for his new record, “Delusions Of Grandeur.”

During, Izzy breaks down a tale of a man who lives life on the edge and holds a heightened self image. Hence it’s fitting title, which is defined in the earliest frames of the 4 minutes and 41 second long footage, directed by Kelvin Jones.

Rapping steadily, we hear Izzy fill each pocket of the classic drill-backing with cold rhymes and a memorable hook.

For the music video, the theme of the song is reflected in scenes of the rapper reciting his lyrics in an derelict building.

Be sure to check out Izzy Barksdale’s new track exclusively via Mixtape Madness!