Jelani Blackman & Big Zuu Dropped Their Highly Anticipated Video For New Single “P2P”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

24 Apr 2020

Jelani Blackman and Big Zuu recently dropped their anticipated video for their brand new single P2P.

Jelani and Zuu receive an influx of video calls from an impressive roll call of familiar faces and friends, as they host the ultimate virtual lockdown hangout of 2020; including AJ Tracey, JME, Jarreau Vandal, Poet, Snoochie Shy, MC Grindah (KruptFM), Kamakaze, Amelia Dimoldenberg (Chicken Shop Date), Logan Sama and more… 

Produced by multi-platinum selling producer Jacob Manson, P2P is enriched with swirling strings and pile driver kicks and is like the soundtrack to a war march. Zuu and Blackman’s complimentary cadences have an increasingly dramatic presence throughout, ascending to one of titanic proportions by the pair’s final verses.

Commenting on the track, they said “P2P video felt like a good opportunity to embrace what’s going on in the world and get everyone together in a positive way. Sometimes the best things come when you have to be creative with your options and honestly putting this video together was the most fun I’ve ever had and weirdly the most connected I’ve ever been to people even though we’re so physically separated. Everyone in it came with the most energy, I’m so proud of them and how it all came together, every single person involved in the process has made this a really special video“.

Watch the visuals for P2P above.