Jelani Blackman Highlights London’s Inequality In “Tricky” Visuals

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

25 Aug 2020

Jelani Blackman returns with the striking visuals for his personal single titled, Tricky.

Arguably his most personal offering to date, this single delves into Jelani’s experiences growing up in London and the different ways in which people experience life. Returning today with the visuals, we see Jelani’s is West London, under the shadow of Grenfell. The video is a poignant and personal look into inequality in London, delving into the juxtaposition between different lives in the same area and offering a lyrical and visual insight into what it’s like to grow up as a black boy/man in our capital. 

Speaking on the visuals, Jelani commented; “The video is about showing the contrast that you can find on the same road in London. Life isn’t equal and there are a lot of people who take that for granted. Different parts of the same country are considered more or less important, which makes the world a tricky place to live in because not everyone understands or cares how bad the world can be if you come from a certain background. The shot of the burned down Grenfell block seen in the backdrop of million pound houses is enough to tell you that”

Watch the visuals for Tricky above.