Jessie Reyez releases the visualiser for “Same Side”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

26 Apr 2020

Jessie Reyez has dropped a brand-new music video for “Same Side”, a single taken from her debut album entitled, “Before Love Came to Kill Us”. 

The production of the track is filled with looming organ sustains and subdued guitar plucks, subsequently creating an air of sorrow. “Same Side” laments over the tribulations of a toxic relationship. Consequently, resulting in the singer’s penchant for revenge.

As she croons “Your such an asshole but I see a prince and I’m a good girl but you see a bitch, so I wish I was a bad guy.”

The video portrays a dramatic scenes of the singer warily awaiting the arrival of her  ex-lover and soon-to-be victim. However, as the plot thickens… Those plans take an unexpected turn for the worse. 

Watch Same Side above