JGrrey arrives with smooth new song “Ain’t So”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

26 Jun 2020

Today, JGrrey has shared a dazzling single titled, “Ain’t So” – alongside it’s dreamy visual accompaniment.

Delivering an ultra smooth anthem, which encourages her listeners to feel empowered even in their darkest moments while letting them know that it “Ain’t So” bad to feel down.

She flows over an intricate, laid-back instrumental produced by Owen Cutts and punctuated by DJ Lophiile’s experimental scratching. Grrey quenches her waiting fans thirst by maintaining her signature style of subtle self-assurance and expert lyrical skill which mix sublimely with her soulful coo’s.

The visual cut ushers the viewer into a whimsical world of butterflies, bluebells and gigantic spiders; an animated lock-down visual, inspired by J’s favourite things. 

JGrrey explains:    

“When I wrote “Ain’t So” I wrote it with a supporter of mine in mind… it’s meant to be a reassuring song, it was meant to be a reminder that things get better. 

But actually now I look at “Ain’t So” as a moody song that holds the weight of addressing one’s emotions “aint so bad when you’re feeling like that” – a reminder that you’re still lucky enough to feel, a reminder that even with the world falling apart you’re still here… What will you do with your time?

“Anywhere you wanna go you feel like time is moving slow but you could always come with me” you can do anything you wanna do but the world won’t stop for you, we’re all in this shit together whether certain people like it or not.”

Take in the visuals to Ain’t So above!