JimiDaKilla & Skinny Malone Drop Grime Infused Banger “Warning”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

10 Apr 2020

JimiDaKilla and Skinny Malone have gifted us with the visuals for Warning.

The Warning visuals follow up from his latest EP Cognac Arcade which is a colourful interwoven tapestry, packed with storytelling, humour and authentic British swagger. Ultimately offering the viewer a glimpse inside the crazy and animated life off a young man living in one of the most obscure and lesser known places in northern England – Derby.

With a recent co-sign from SBTV’s Jamal Edwards, the self-proclaimed ‘British Chav Rapper’, JimiDaKilla has proven himself to be one of the most original and creative artists coming out of the UK rap scene right now.

Watch the visuals for Warning above.