Joe Black Joins CORD In Episode 2 of #PauseRewind

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

7 Feb 2021

In succession to the first episode which dropped last week and featured Benny Banks, CORD is now joined by UK real-rap veteran, Joe Black, in their second release of the #PauseRewind series.

CORD’s creation of this concept revolves around an artist’s appearance, to provide rap fans with a meaningful break down of their time on the music scene, as well as how they came to rise in order to make an impact. All of which is brought to focus with a relaxed, confessional style setting.

In this episode, Black touches on different elements that defined him as an artist which include; personal life experiences that have influenced his style of music, how he came to notice his growing popularity during the time he released works, and everything he’s been able to accomplish away from composing art.

Take a look at how Joe Black ‘Changed The Game’ in this new CORD.