Josie Man Shares Her First Hypnotic Offering Of 2020 “Baby Pink & Blue”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

12 Feb 2020

Josie has returned with her first single of 2020 entitled Baby Pink & Blue.

Following up from her debut single Colours at the close of 2019. Josie presents the beautiful Tash Tang-directed video for her new single Baby Pink & Blue. An ode to love, but also a reminder to stay grounded – to love yourself and to be happy alone. 

Speaking on the single, Josie commented “Baby Pink & Blue” is so special to me. We wrote it in a little treehouse in the countryside. The song’s about wanting the best of both worlds by having a balance of feeling whole when independent; but also being happy within a relationship. It’s about the juxtaposition of feeling free in a relationship and also, feeling complete when you’re alone and without your other half. It’s about loving being in love, but having self love that’s so strong that you love being alone, too.” 

Watch the video for Baby Pink & Blue above.