Kam-Bu Champions Black Empowerment & Unity In “Black On Black”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

25 Feb 2021

Set to be one of the most vital songs of this coming year, South London’s emcee Kam-Bu has released the video to his latest empowering track named “Black on Black”.

The 24-year-old has delivered a strong track that for someone of his age is rare to find. Accommodating a textured production from Pablo Pullen, HYLNU, Tom Henry and Leon Vynehal, “Black on Black” flips the often negative connotations of the phrase on it’s head and instead uses this 3 minute song to empower, strengthen and unify the Black British community.

Paired alongside a set of cinematic visuals, we are faced with a generational tale that challenges British imperialism. Only enhancing his message to the next given level, Kam-Bu hasn’t slacked in this one!

Speaking on the release, Kam-Bu commented; “This track is an exploration of how the ‘Black on Black’ narrative, which is often perceived as negative, can be flipped on its head to represent black culture in a positive way. Discussing topics such as the teaching of financial literacy, the circulation of wealth and unity within a community. This song was inspired by Fela Kuti and his use of repetition as a sort of sonic marching song on demonstration day, this is what I was aiming for when writing the chorus. Black on Black is a track for empowerment, equality and reflection. 

You can peep the visuals above!