Kaniva drops off his cold bars in all-new One Mic freestyle

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

7 Nov 2020

Kaniva is back and this time he takes on this weeks One Mic freestyle.

It is all business as usual for the introspective wordsmith whose analytical pensmith and bullish delivery exhibits his confident charisma on the mic. Backed by a suspenseful production, Kaniva’s lyricism reach sky high despite the tone down backdrop behind him, as he weaves striking lines that come from a place of retrospect between haunting piano keys and the occasional drums booming on cue.

Allowing his pen to flow profusely for just below 4 minutes, we hear the rapper drawing up clever ways to air his frustrations with the music industry, his losses and relationship with god, from the opening line.

Rapping, “So, two 20’s still got no Mad About Bars, oi Kenny what’s this blood?/ Joey Clipstar bussin’ bare of these shit artists don’t wanna rate this one/ I woulda’ said it for Posty too, I got no Duppy I was p*ssed blood/ but I took mans name out the bar cos he went and put me on this one.” 

Tap into Kaniva’s One Mic performance up top!