Kelvyn Colt Drops Latest Single ‘Rage’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

4 May 2023

German rapper Kelvyn Colt has released an energetic new single, ‘Rage’, accompanied by a cinematic visual directed by Chris Chuky. Colt’s latest drop sees the artist in his element, combining eccentric flows with an electric performance that matches the percussion-heavy instrumental from Bazzazian.

Colt is an artist who has his finger on the pulse when it comes to hard hitting topics such as mental health and social issues. These are mirrored in the music video, as Colt portrays himself trapped in a straightjacket as he battles his own rage. The German born rapper has shown a clear vision and executed it well both on the track and in the music video.

With a loyal following that stretches internationally known as the Triple Black Heart Gang, Colt’s stardom is only beginning. His COLORS performances have accumulated over ten millions views between them and his musical output is being taken in by a million people every month. With a strong artistic identity and high levels of performance, Colt is only getting started when it comes to international success.