Kraze Opens Up About His Conviction In New ‘Marmite’ Release

Kings Media

By Kings Media

Kings Media

29 Dec 2017

Having been away for a long time, Kraze is finally back and he’s equally back in the booth – kicking off with a real life story of conviction that saw him sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.

“In 2013 i was convicted of a rape offence that i did not commit, I was sentenced to 7 years which i served half of, I was convicted on word alone, Prior to this i was one of the most viewed and listened to young aspiring artists with a bright future ahead, Since making my comeback in 2017 after being released in 2016 this is where i finally address all the rumours and tell my side of the story and get it off my chest.
This is called marmite because u either love it or hate it, You take my truth for what it is or u dont take it at all which is why it was important to not do a visual retelling and focus solely on the artist and what i have to say, This is also me bringing awareness to miscarriages of justice which are also very common but not spoken.
This is me finally having fight in me to tell my story and tell my truth, Its time to get it off my chest use it to progress, the story is reminiscent of Tupac” – said Kraze