A Short Film: Krept and Konan drop “Ban Drill”

Shanet Mehari

By Shanet Mehari

Shanet Mehari

13 Jun 2019

Krept and Konan have dropped “Ban Drill” – a chilling story which addresses the hardships that the disadvantaged face.

The film also addresses the resistance to drill music in the media despite the hope and promise it brings for artists. As the story proceeds, we can learn how this failure to accept this musical expression directly and negatively impacts the future prospects of individuals in our community (in this case, to the point of death) who already face limited choices. This contrasts with an alternative storyline showcasing the potential for positive change if we were to stop demonising this expression. This is a potential where talented individuals can tell their own stories and profit from it, instead of their own stories being tarnished by external parties which only serves to further perpetuate their disadvantaged circumstances.

The rap is accompanied by a short film visual directed by Rapman – creator of the famous “Shiro’s Story” and endorsed by hip-hop’s first billionaire Jay Z. It also features rappers RV, Headie One, Youngs Teflon, Young Adz and more.

You can read about how drill can act as therapy here. The story is remnant of a struggle that a number of talented artists face when media fails to accept their musical expression. An example of this is the arrest of rappers AM x Skengdo although there is a long history of music censorship.

See the short film below.