Kwazi Cort Unleashes The Visuals For Upbeat Single “Trapstar II”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

14 Jun 2020

Rising rapper Kwazi Cort is back with the visuals to his up-beat offering titled Trapstar II.

Using his latest single Trapstar II as a means of showcasing his multi-faceted artistry, he quite literally navigates the space between Rap and Grime to craft his own original sound, knotting together the kerrangs of Rock with the soulful harmonies of RnB.

Written as a diary of experiences, Trapstar II serves as an ode and love letter to the South London streets which made him. Diving deeper into the complex feelings of negatively affecting your neighbourhood to make a living and fund studio-time, his aspirations are set way beyond any street cred. 

Kwazi Cort refreshingly vocalizes the challenges he faced as a recovered conscious gangster. Sentiments which are not expressed enough in today’s music! Supplying listeners with the highs and lows of being a Trapstar, along with the burdens placed on his relationships, as a consequence of prioritizing the roads; finally giving real meaning to the phrase “married to the streets”. 

“It’s kinda mad, I thought everybody went through similar things like me… I was wrong. My South London story morphed friends to foes, cats to catwalks, macs to models”, Kwazi says.

“Trapstar II is an autobiography, recording my journey from hustling in the streets to barring in the booth. Grinding in order to better my position due to the lack of opportunities, meanwhile at war with my conscience, aware of the damage it’s causing my loved ones as a result.”

Watch the visuals for Trapstar II above, you can stream the single here.