LA-Based R&B Artist Mcamp Sets Pace With “Sexy In The Morning”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

29 Jan 2021

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Mcamp is slowly but surely cementing himself as an artist to watch! Only solidifying this further with the release of his brand new seductive single entitled “Sexy In The Morning”, the 21 year-old is here to stay.

Encapsulating that 90’s R&B love in the modern-day soundscape, Mcamp from the onset boasts his ability to paint a vivid picture in your mind through his heart-warming lyricism and butter-like vocal tone. Made for those Sunday mornings or duvet days with a love interest or even by yourself, “Sexy In The Morning” in enriched with an assortment of textures and sounds that are reminiscent of brighter days and good memories.

Managed by the founder of ‘The FADER’ Rob Stone, he told Mixtape Madness over email: “The first time I met him in LA, I saw this really confident, but humble person who was just really honest about how much he loved music. I took him early on to meet Babyface in Babyface’s studio – and that’s when I first saw him play live. His nervousness was palpable as he sat in front of Babyface, who’s the king of r&b music and songwriting. Then Face handed him a guitar and  he just bodied it, crushed three songs in front of Face. In that performance I saw he was the truth. He has that extra gear that takes you there. If he puts in the work and I’m sure he will, the sky is the limit.”

Listen to the track above.