Lil Durk Delivers The Visuals For Heartfelt Track “All Love”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

30 Mar 2020

Lil Durk has returned with his brand new single All Love.

Known for his blend of sweet melodies and raw lyrics, Lil Durk is the voice of the streets. Just days after sharing a hard hitting banger about the dark side of the streets, Durk spins a heartfelt rumination about the love of his neighbourhood on All Love

Layered over dramatic keys and thumping 808 kicks from Internet Money beatmaker TouchOfTrent, Durk reflects on his come-up on the South Side of Chicago, tunefully telling stories about his less-fortunate friends: “I used to look up to this n****, but he gave his homie up/Cause his daughter 12-years-old, he had to go do 21”. Visually we see Durk’s home and studio life, following the rapper as he soaks up the love of his hood.

Watch the visuals for All Love above.