Lil Yachty & LeBron James Team Up For Sprite Advert


By Annelle


19 Oct 2016

Shortly after coming out of the trap with The Beat’s DJ Sarah Harrison a couple weeks ago, it’s no wonder Lil Yachty needed a cool drink. But he won’t tell you to join him…he’ll ask you.

In a somewhat bizarre ad for fizzy drink, Sprite, LeBron James walks around different scenarios saying that he wouldn’t tell you to drink Sprite but he would ask you to join the ‘cool kids’ who all have autotune voices! If that wasn’t enough, one of the cool-cats include the red-headed rapper who is seen playing the piano in a Sprite infused winter-wonderland. Very strange.

But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself

The pair are the newest ambassadors for the drinks brand and join Vince Staples in his love for the beverage company. Sprite’s association with hip hop is longstanding, with the company paying tribute with it’s collectible cans featuring lyrics from Missy Elliot, Tupac and J.Cole.