LONDON X CANADA 2 (The Documentary)

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

27 Feb 2019

Do we have a ‘shared’ music culture?

Watch the highly anticipated documentary, featuring Tory Lanez, Yung Fume, Nafe Smallz and many more.

“In London we have a scene that’s heard by many people across the world, so what’s stopping Toronto from being next up?”

Flash Johnson, UK video director, is taking us with him on his journey to Toronto and cracking down on the current state of their music scene.

What you’ll find interesting is the shared conversation between London and Toronto. Both scenes have established their own sounds but can still feel that their music is underappreciated in their own cities. Gaining America’s attention and audience in order to attain mainstream success in their own scene seems to be the common hurdle in both places. This was the said case for Canadian rapper, Drake – now one of the biggest artists worldwide.

LONDON X CANADA 2 features credible artists who share their truths on the matter. Some show optimism whilst others claim that the inability of artists to support each other, hinders their growth.

Flash Johnson has taken us backstage and shed light on important questions that the UK’s and Toronto’s scene are asking. You might even discover Canadian artists you like as a bonus!

LONDON X CANADA 2 is the documentary you didn’t know you needed. Can you see Toronto’s music flourishing in the UK? Have a watch!