M1llionz Takes Us Behind The Making Of Latest Street Heater “Experience”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

30 Dec 2020

Birmingham’s rising emcee M1llionz has returned with a sneak peak behind the making of the Tugz, SkengTrapMob and Mwoo-assisted track entitled, “Experience”.

Flaunting their distinct artistes, dynamic flows and greaze-enriched pen, their latest cut produced by one of British Rap’s most exciting producers Honeywoodsix, saw each rapper go back to back on what’s looking to be yet another hit from the Birmingham-native. Giving us a deeper insight into how the track was made, the short clip not only highlights their musical chemistry, but showcases their creative approach and all-round positive vibes – we love to see it!

See how the track was made above! Check out our recent interview with Honeywoodsix here.