MAJ releases his new record ’Stay Woke’


By Sulay


15 Dec 2018

From the streets of South London, MAJ releases his new record ’Stay Woke’ via his own independent label Sound Familiar.
Coining the popular phrase ’Stay Woke’ for his new single, MAJ sends out words of warning as he delves in to certain ordeals that men, women, couples and friends are faced with in today’s society. With an uplifting melodic rap style of UK hip hop he sends the message to stay woke and not be manipulated into believing the falsities that surround us daily.
Having previously been nominated for an Unsigned Music Award and landing a sync deal with MTV, MAJ has been perfecting his craft from a young age. Turning his talents to education by completing a National Diploma in Music Technology, the rapper also took major influence from Hip Hop greats such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, evident in his story telling and rap approach.
Now on his path to create his own music and release it independently, MAJ delivers his first release ’Stay Woke’.
Check out the full video down below now!