Meek Mill Claps Back At The Game With “OUUUU” Remix!


By Annelle


19 Sep 2016


Can’t we all just get along! Instagram has been heating up over the weekend, following the feud between Meek Mill and The Game. Well Meek Mill finally responded to The Game’s initial diss track with his spin on Young M.A’s ‘Ouuu’. Check it out above:

This Rap beef caught social media by surprise, as there was no knowledge that the two had bad blood. Well a video went viral of The Game dissing Meek Mill onstage calling him a snitch, take a look below:

The two then exchanged words over social media, including very offensive instagram posts, which led to The Game dropping the first bomb with his diss track titled “92 Bars” check it out below:


Well the plot thickens…

Social media was still in a state of confusion as to why the two were beefing. Well, Sean Kingston posted on Instagram his support for Meek Mill. After The Game caught wind of this he posted a video on Instagram. In the video The Game alleges that Sean Kingston was robbed in a club and Meek Mill had stated that The Game and his entourage were responsible for this. Watch the video below:


Sean Kingston fired back at The Game with a few strong words, even throwing in some Patois in his diss towards The Game, watch below:

The beef is still heated as Meek Mill has officially dropped a diss track, with features from legendary Philly rapper Beanie Sigel and Dreamchaser’s Omelly.

The Game clapped back at the rappers on Instagram take a look below:


This beef seems like it won’t be ending anytime soon, we hope that this does not escalate any further. LA Rapper Nipsey Hussle sent out tweets regarding the feud.