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Mixtape Madness Team

16 Oct 2015

This has more similes, oxymorons and metaphors than a Charles Dickens novel. Lashawna (MM Top Blogger) told me this Behind Barz was a must watch and boy was she right!!

Here are my top 5:

5) Loyal to the soil my n***a its only right, I got one foot in but my berdrins rolling with nines << The nines part is obvious but its the application negus and bredrins that is nuts!! 

4) I have seen my rise, I have seen my bros fall so there is logic and reason why I roll with pro tools

3) From no voice to an invoice, I’m old skool I want capital with choice

2) I’m way to conservative to be a nigga man, so its hard labour till I can call a mill a band (Milliband) << Its deeper than just names of the UKs two biggest political parties, one must breakdown what this bar actually means, the Conservative is a (centre) right wing party that in essence try to push the concept of self determination superseding a social welfare benefits culture, privatisation over state ownership, which is why I guess they are favoured by the most in middle to upper class sections of society. Conservative also refers to a type of behaviour that holds more traditional views and aren’t fans of flamboyant behaviour that the hood labels “n***a man”  behaviour yet ironically “n***a man” behaviour is self orientated as opposed to having a socially collectivist outlook on life. The Labour Party are more left leaning even more so after the leadership of Ed Miliband so he is not only speaking about amassing capital that he will store in “n***a man” sort of way (in a rubberband) but it could be seen that he is working hard to be the people’s leader. Ok perhaps I have gone a bit OTT on number 2 but you get my gist, its a deep bar.

1) I swear my life is a movie that aint out yet, I used to Vue (view) life like it was Cineworld (Sinny world), I even prayed for sin, give me money give me girls, then it was give me money, because money will give me girls, now there is 3 bad bitches, Charlie’s Angels give me hell << The constant dualism and oxymoron between good and evil, life ambitions and actualizations which is delivered via a clever word play on cinemas and movies, simply genius.

Not claiming my interpretation is 100% correct because he said “a million different views” so let us know your thoughts!!!

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