Miles From Kinshasa Delivers Ambient New Track “Wearing Smiles”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

16 Jul 2020

Miles From Kinshasa arrives with the first track from his highly anticipated EP ‘Beloved’.

As we flip the first page on his diary-styled EP with “Wearing Smiles,” he gives off melancholic melodies that detail a vulnerable and honest dialogue dedicated to his lover.

His EP will continue to explore this sentiment; from the digital disconnect within millenial relationships, to how they amplify feelings of detachment and yearning. 

Expanding on the concept, “Maybe I’m retweeting/liking these memes because it’s the only thing keeping me from going through it 24/7, and really it would be nice if someone dropped me a “hope you’re good.”’ 

Visually, we are presented with a DIY cut that opens with the artist playing the piano, in a choppy montage of various clips.