MM International: Kozi Reps French Drill in “Ndoumba”

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

17 Feb 2021

Coming in not too long after the UK, the streets have warmed up to sounds and styles of French drill which is usually charged up and up-tempo.

With names such as Freeze Corleone and Ziak leading the country’s drill scene, we’re now introduced to the French-Congolese newcomer. In his jumpy single, “Ndoumba”, Kozi introduces listeners to his knack for flows and also gives us a tune that could very well make for a good dance track.

With some of our U.K. favourites also coming from the same background — shout out to Yxng Bane — perhaps the two movements could one day bridge the gap!

Our international scope knows no bounds and this time we’ve locked in with France. Where will MM International land next?