Lashawna Rose Stewart

By Lashawna Rose Stewart

Lashawna Rose Stewart

26 Sep 2015

We live in a day and age where smoking weed is more than common because it’s EVERYWHERE. Your local dealer is never too far away.

When you have peers who religiously smoke you will inevitably get involved one way or another. This is the case for south west London’s DeeRig. His latest release ‘Oh Mary’ encapsulates the concept of being a social smoker amongst stoners.

The song itself is taken from the “18th Summer” E.P which was released last year.

4k plays on soundcloud.com/deeriginal/05-oh-mary

The visual features female actor Marina Malta who not only represents the ‘Stoner’ who influences Dee but also the drug “Mary” itself. This double concept leaves room for question and discussion. A very innovative idea which Dee came up with himself.

The message behind this piece has been constructed in such a subliminal manner that it can even be interpreted simply as a relationship representation.

Stoners, social smokers, non smokers, Enjoy!