[NEW SONG] KSI x JME – “Keep Up” [@KSIOlajidebt] [@JmeBBK] [@kennyxphoenix]


By a.k.e


13 Nov 2015



Famous YouTube star KSI has just released a brand new single with Boy Better Know rapper JME called “Keep Up”. This is from his upcoming debut EP which is also called “Keep Up”. The EP which is due originally to be the 1st January next year can change if fans follow him on Spotify. Guest appearance includes Tiggs Da Author, Lunar C, Nick Brewer, Youngs Teflon, Sway, Scrufizzer and Randolph.

“I have been working on this EP since I made Lamborghini and I AM EXCITED. I have never been more excited in my life. Music has always been a passion of mine and I’m so happy that I have something to finally give to you! I’ve had to wait so long to drop this because of circumstances but it’s finally here! I know some of you wont care or don’t want me to do music, and that’s fine however it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. And I have never let someone’s opinion decide what I want to do. And no, this DOES NOT mean i’m gonna stop doing youtube videos, because I love doing youtube. I would be a fool to leave the platform that has made me who i am and leave the place where you all have supported me. I love performing, whether it’s behind the screen or on a stage. That’s just how i am. Either way, get ready :)” – KSI

Pre-order the EP on iTunes.



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