Next Up? Driz x Jbandz

Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

29 Sep 2022

Next Up? Driz x Jbandz. The young rap duo are back with their third joint single, following the success of their track 9 AM and the 9 AM remix. The two-part Next Up? starts with a low-fi-inspired first part that is more stripped back and emotionally inclined. The pair compliment each other’s flows, with the beat, produced by enzmadethis, changing into a more jumpy production for the second part. 

We caught up with the pair as they made their Next Up? debut on Mixtape Madness…

When did you start making music?

Driz: I started writing music at the age of 12 as a joke then eventually took it more seriously then started recording music at the age of 14.

Jbandz: During lockdown on House party is when I started to music.

Describe your Next Up in one sentence.

Driz: Our next up broadcasts my versatility and ability to write good music.

Jbandz: I feel like our next up is a different sound from others.

Who in music are your influences when creating your own sound?

Driz: The beat does come first in a way. I normally listen to a beat and channel it in my head then write to the beat in my head.

Jbandz: I want to have my own sounds like Clavish or Headie one I want to be unique.

What comes first the beat or the bars?

Jbandz: The beat definitely comes first then the bars will come during the beat being made you kind of get an idea.

What motivates you to keep pushing in life and music?

Driz: What motivates me to keep pushing is the end goal and also because whatever I do in life to make money, I want to enjoy it while doing it and music is what I really enjoy.

Jbandz: My motivation in music is seeing other artists change their life and I want to do that as well.

What can we expect from you after the release of your Next Up? Any more projects/singles?

Driz: You can expect a lot more releases as we have over 10 songs already recorded and music video shot.

Jbandz: You can expect more music and bangers for sure.