Next Up? Emzorearner x Elzinoo

Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

30 Sep 2022

On one of our busiest Thursdays for releases this year, amongst those was our latest Next Up? featuring Emzorearner and Elzinoo. Despite being a new artist to the scene, Emzorearner has captivated a steadily growing audience with his ability to rap about his environment.
Only releasing a handful of singles this year, this Next Up? keeps a formatted roster for the young artist, rapping over two slowed-down beats that establishes the clarity of both their flows.

Emzorearner takes us through his Next Up? and journey below…

Describe your Next Up in one sentence.

A statement.

Your lyrics are transparent to how you’re feeling, what purpose does making music/rapping have for you?

Music is my identity, representing that through my words and educating people is the purpose.

You released your first single in January, including your Next Up, why have you chosen these three as your first releases?

My first releases don’t represent me as an artist feel like, more so just getting my name out there I think the second part of my next up shows my ability after those releases. I want to demonstrate my art.

Your Spotify bio says, “influenced by the inner-city culture surrounding him”, what’s your biggest influence or inspiration?

My life. I can only rap what I experienced so my influence comes through. But the inner-city changes your perspective on a lot of things so inspiration can be from anywhere.

What can we expect from you for the rest of this year?

Get my name out there establish myself and enjoy the fruits of it.