Next Up? Shakes

Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

21 Aug 2023

What makes you Next Up?

I’d say my age. It’s meant with no disrespect, but I just think no one’s going really doing it the way I am at my age.

Why the name Shakes?

I honestly don’t remember you know. I bet I was probably just walking somewhere and thought of the name Shakes. Wish I had some cool story behind the name but there really ain’t. Might have to make one up for next time.

If you could do anything for the UK music scene what would it be?

Just create moments for people to look back on and admire. I remember seeing Skepta shutdown Shoreditch or even Drake coming out at the section boys show but I don’t think there’s anything like that happening right now. I want to create moments that the next generation can look to for inspiration in the same way I did

What have you learnt so far in your career?

This one’s tough but I’d say that nothing ever comes without work. I feel like it’s something everyone slyly understands but I think I personally realised it when I started making music.

What’s next for you?

Just making the best music I can. I feel like it’s a pretty well-rounded statement but I just want to make music that people can listen to anytime of the day no matter how they feeling. I believe what makes you a great artist is being able to use your experiences and feelings to help people somewhat understand theirs.

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