Offica & Dbo Unleash Brand-New Drill Drop ‘Take It (Yuck)’

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

18 Jan 2021

Offica has returned with his latest drop, Take It (Yuck) and on this one the rapper shares the spotlight with fellow Irish driller – Dbo. 

Together the pair blaze across the gravelly  Asian-influenced drill assortment beneath them, as they go back to back in their individual rap-styles. Lyrically the Offica and Dbo talk about their hunger for success and how relentless they are willing to be to make it.

Equipped with a hard music video to the moody energy harnessed throughout Take It, the duo appear in performances shots together where they show off their on screen chemistry. While others scene give focus to fast cars and a scantily clad model. 

 View the supporting visual above!